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First impressions have never been more important.

Did you know that when looking at your picture, people take just 1/10 of a second to determine whether or not they find you trustworthy? They take half that time – just 1/20 of a second, when they land on your website to determine whether or not they want to engage with it or head back to Google. Imagine if there was a way to control that impression – to immediately connect with your viewers, instill a sense of trust, and keep them looking for more – all in a fraction of a second.

You don’t need to imagine! At Russel+Sohn, we work with you to create the business portraits, head shots, promotional photos, and social media content (both still photography and video) that not only quickly engage and connect with viewers, but also communicate who you are, and what makes you and your business special. Imagery that helps people like, trust, and work with you, that makes a great first impression.