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Freshen your fall look with a new headshot

Toronto Headshot photographer Russel and Sohn -Ian Werker Law

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and September is here. Though it’s been years since I’ve been heading back to school myself, Labour Day always seems to signify the end of summer. I find in Toronto, people tend to feel the same way as me, and the entire mood of the city changes. Even though it’s just as hot as it was the last week of August, you start to see people in fall fashions, and the mood changes from summer-relaxed to back-to-work.

I always like to start a new season with a fresh new look. That doesn’t mean an entire makeover, but typically I’ll invest in a new pair of boots and an awesome sweater or jacket. Another way to freshen your look for fall is with a new headshot or business portrait. If you’ve been using the same picture of yourself for a long time, you might find it’s feeling stale. Treating yourself to a new photo for your online presence is a great way to re-energize yourself and feel great about how you present yourself to the world. And when you look great and feel great, you naturally draw people to you, giving your business a great fall kick-start as well!


Congratulations To The Latest Precision Nutrition Winner!

Precision Nutrition winner Karen Jones fitness after photography by Russel + Sohn

We often work with participants from the online fitness program, Precision Nutrition. It’s a great year-long program that helps people meet their fitness goals through small habit changes. They also award cash prizes for people with great transformations!

Participants take monthly progress photos to document their process. At the end of the program, participants get their final progress photos taken by a professional photographer. That’s where we come in! In addition to the “front, side, back” after pictures, we also encourage people to have some fun fitness photos taken to celebrate their journey.

Karen recently reached out to us with this great news! I just had to share!

“Hi Marnie and Alex:

I just found out I won the $2,500.00 prize (the top award) for the test program at Precision Nutrition. All thanks of course to your great photos. I really appreciated how easy and fun you made getting pictures taken – something that I had been dreading – plus the pictures worked! I owe you guys a drink!”

Congratulations, Karen! We’re so happy for you!! 🙂

A big shout-out to Bang Fitness where Karen does her training!


The Secrets To Successful Event Photography

If you’ve ever planned an event, chances are there was some photography involved. Whether you’re snapping pictures on your phone, or you’re hiring a team of photographers to document the full experience, it’s great to capture those memories for the future.

When it comes to photography for your business events, you’re probably looking for more than just creating great memories. Chances are you’ve invested a fair amount of money and time into your event, with the goal of helping your business grow. Photography is a great way to leverage that investment and use it to market your business well into the future. If you’re a professional event planner, or your business involves planning events for other people, your event photography needs to be able to serve both your business needs and the needs of your client. However, there’s more to successful corporate event photography than just taking pretty pictures.

To help you out, we’ve put together this great video filled with all sorts of event photography tips, from sneaking in branding to pleasing sponsors. So whether you’re taking your own photos or you’re hiring a pro, you’re sure to get the most from your event photography!



Do you have any event photography tips we’ve missed? Share them in the comments!


Who Do You Love Photography is now Russel+Sohn

That’s right! We have big news – Who Do You Love Photography is now Russel+Sohn!

Russel+Sohn logo-fireworks

The new name and new look has been in the works for a long time, and reflects the fact that over the past five years, our company has shifted from primarily serving families, to primarily providing businesses with the photography they need.

We’re so grateful to those early Toronto small businesses who came to us and trusted us (and sometimes had to convince us!)  The entrepreneurs who either first worked with us to photograph their families and then asked us to provide the marketing material for their businesses, or who looked at our portfolio filled with children and family portraits, and understood that a portrait is a portrait, and knew we would be a good fit to photograph their head shot or business portrait.

We’re especially thankful, because without you, we never would have discovered this work that we’re so passionate about.  We believe so strongly in entrepreneurship, in independent business, in creating something bigger than yourself, in designing your life.  It’s independent businesses that make a city thrive, that make it unique. It’s so incredibly rewarding to be able to help these businesses and entrepreneurs grow, to help them communicate through visual imagery, be it pictures or video, who they are and what makes them awesome.

(And to our families – don’t worry! We haven’t abandoned you! We’re still here for you, for all your family portrait needs.  We don’t want to miss seeing these kids grow up!)


How will your headshot or business portrait serve you?

We are so lucky, we have the awesomest clients – people who are doing their best to make a difference in the world.

Next up in the awesome client category is Marco Mendicino, partner at Ellis Mendicino LLP, and Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Eglinton-Lawrence here in Toronto.

As he works to make his corner of the world a better place, we work hard in ours, helping people like Marco be prepared with the right imagery for when opportunity knocks.

Marco Mendicino support banner